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She Is Well


An interactive book for wellness, healing, nurturing and feminine evolution

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She Is Well 
Vol. 2

The She Is Well Book Anthology is a POWERFUL series of stories focused on empowering other women in the community. 

Enjoy the NEWLY released Vol. 2! 

These women are sharing amazing stories of HOPE, HEALING & HAPPINESS! 

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As a nurse, wellness expert and health advocate my absolute passion is educating and empowering women in every area of life and wellness. To fulfill this desire, I created a unique space widely known as the "Women's Wellness Lounge" which continues to impact the lives of women locally and internationally through real conversations, raw stories, and relevant information via signature programs, National TV Show, Podcast, Radio and Magazine Column. 

The She Is Well tribe launched in May 2020 during Women's Health Week and is a very interactive community for all aspects of health and wellness! 

Join me on this mission and become part of our tribe as a contributing author in this book anthology to empower and educate communities of women across the world! 

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Delayna Watkins

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Volume 3 
Releasing Sept. 2022

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